We so wish that we did not have to share this sad news from our family. Our wonderful and cherished Alan Cheuse died this morning, surrounded by love, as a result of complications of his car accident and severe head trauma. We will miss him forever with all of our hearts and souls. And we know he will live on forever in his true and deep love for his wife Kris and all of his family, especially his daughters Sonya and Emma, daughter-in-law Anna (Baldwin), son Josh and daughter-in-law Caroline (Cara Seymour), his beloved grandchildren Minalu and Elena, his words and his works, his friendships, his students and mentoring, our memories of his beautiful blue eyes, his laugh, his humor, his big bear hugs, and his sparkling smile, and in the waves of the ocean that he loved so much and was on his way to visit when he died. Alan was one of a kind and was deeply beloved on this earth. In his honor tonight, please raise a glass of wine (or whatever you may be drinking), tell a joke, hug someone that you love, be kind, and read a great story. Our family will hold a memorial this fall in Washington, D.C. and will provide details about arrangements when possible. Love and deep thanks to all who have helped us in so many ways through this difficult time.

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About The Author

alan_cheuseAcclaimed author Alan Cheuse, National Public Radio’s longtime book commentator, is the author of five novels, five collections of short stories and novellas, the memoir Fall Out of Heaven, and A Trance After Breakfast, a collection of travel essays.

His latest book is PRAYERS FOR THE LIVING.

For more than three decades Cheuse has been a regular contributor to National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered.” His short fiction has appeared in The New Yorker, Ploughshares, The Antioch Review, Prairie Schooner, New Letters, The Idaho Review, and The Southern Review, among other places. He teaches in the Writing Program at George Mason University and the Squaw Valley Community of Writers.